Kashmir - Never ending legacy of tradition

Kashmir – A Never Ending Legacy of Traditions

The accolade Paradise on Earth wasn’t given to Kashmir just for its scenic beauty even though it’s spellbinding, but also for its diverse blend of cultures, varying dialects in every few kilometres, and the demographic variety.

The various cultures and different lifestyles, music, food, dance, festivals, etc. have given rise to philosophies to which they stick through the thick and thin. We at The LaLiT celebrate such places in the hope to share it with others who come looking for hotels in Srinagar Kashmir for a wonderful stay.

A Brief History

The history of the paradise dates back to the great Mahabharat war. Ashoka founded the old part of Srinagar which is now known as Pandrethan. The aged Kashmir temples and other architectural marvels are owed to the Kushan rule that had roots emanating from the Greek cultures. The last Hindu ruler, Udayan Dev converted to Islam, which led to Islam rule in the state. As it is known, the splendour of the state was divided into two parts between India and Pakistan.

Dance & Music

Life in Kashmir is incomplete without the dance and the music, as is a visit to the place without witnessing the splendour of these arts. They are performed in full swing during various seasons, weddings, religious festivals and during harvest.

The Lamas of Hemis monastery perform one of the most famous Mask Dance during the Hemis festival. The vibrant robes made from brocades only to be complemented by masks are a sight unparalleled in the traditions of the country. The harvest season is welcomed with the Bacha Nagma dance by young males, and marriage ceremonies by the Hafiza dance.

When it comes to music, Choral music, Sufi and ghazals are of special meaning in Kashmir. Popular instruments like santoor and sehtar owe their origin to the state.


The Kashmiri food per se is a blend of Mughal, Muslim, and Kashmiri Pandit cuisines. The meat-based dishes are usually cooked for long on small flame with a variety of spices that gives rise to the mouthwatering aroma. The Chinar at our property, The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar, specialises in these dishes and invites you for meals of your lifetime in the lap of nature.


As tradition goes, women in Kashmir don the most vibrant dresses along with the most dazzling necklaces, nose rings, earrings, bangles, etc.  Men, on the other hand, go for more comfortable ethnic wear such as salwars, chudidaars, pyjamas, gurgabi, etc.

Floral motifs and embroidery are used to decorate woolens like Phiran; there is no doubt that their dress code outlines the lifestyle and traditions of the Kashmiris. It is only one of the few places that hasn’t been affected by western practices.

There is no dearth of hotels near dal lake where you can stay and visit myriads of places like Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg, Pahalgam. Come stay at The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar on your pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi and Kedar Nath or while scaling the mighty Ladakh!

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