India’s Enthralling East

east indiaGulliver’s made a name for himself by sailing the high seas. Wonder what he would have thought of India – a land that is a kaleidoscope of many!

The road less travelled is the road I want to travel. And so I set forth to find roads less travelled in India.

Moving eastwards, like the rest of India, here too I found a cornucopia of sights and sounds. Gently undulating tea plantations give way to bustling cities, fertile plains and the majestic Himalayas. Here, there is Chilka – the largest salt-water lake in the world with its myriad bird population in their natural habitat; as well as the one-horned rhino in the protected environs of Wildlife Sanctuaries of Assam.

You’d find the throbbing, jostling crowd at one of India’s most famous temples at Puri; and the peaceful serenity of a far-off mountain monastery in Sikkim. And, amidst all this, history and heritage, culture and cuisine, rosogolla and revolution come together in a melting pot in Charnock’s city!  MENTAL NOTE: stop here, sometime.

I discovered the mighty Kanchenjunga from new perspectives from Darjeeling and Sikkim. In case you didn’t know, it’s the third highest mountain in the world and the highest in India. And no, I didn’t climb it; I just saw different views of it 😉

The northeast is home to over 200 tribes and their cultures. However, a word of advice. If you are going to be adventurous and take the roads less travelled, get a guide. My little secret? I let the trusted The Lalit Hotels concierge service organize the experience for me!

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