If You Love Exploring ‘Classic’, Visit Bagore Ki Haveli In Udaipur

Udaipur continues to allure visitors with its rich culture, heritage and glorious palaces. One such palace that truly evokes the spirit of Rajasthani culture and traditions is Bagore ki Haveli. One must not miss a visit to this place when they are in the City of Palaces.

Bagore Ki Haveli was built in 18th century by Amar Chand Badwa, the then prime minister of Mewar kingdom. It has undergone restoration over a period of time and now been converted into a museum. The palace stands magnificently on the waterfront of the dreamlike Pichola lake at Gangori Ghat.

Architecture of Bagore ki Haveli

Bagore ki Haveli captivates visitors with its splendid architecture and skillful craftsmanship. Reflecting the aristocratic culture of Mewars, this Udaipur palace is adorned by a marvellous assortment of huge courtyards, jharokhas, balconies, ornamental archways, cupolas and a two storied Lotus fountain near the entrance.

Spanning about 138 rooms, the interiors of the Haveli are embellished with exceptional mirror work. The walls of the Haveli are decorated with alluring glasswork and mural paintings. It has three chowks named Neem Chowk, Tulsi Chowk and Kuan Chowk.

The Museum

Bagore ki Haveli museum

The Bagore ki Haveli museum is divided into five sections namely The Puppet museum, the main haveli, the Turban museum, the Weapon museum, the Wedding Depiction Section. Each of these sections is very well maintained. The museum is open on all days from morning till evening.

As one strolls through the Haveli, they come across lobbies leading them to various rooms of the Haveli such as the private quarters of the royal ladies, their dressing rooms, living rooms, worship rooms and recreation rooms showcasing what used to be the lifestyle of the royal family. A flight of stairs leads to the terrace where one can cherish a breathtaking view of the Lake Pichola.

An integral part of Rajasthani culture, the puppet museum is worth a visit especially when visiting with kids. The entrance of the museum greets one with miniature puppets and other handmade decor items. One can find puppets of horses, elephants, and many other dolls in various shapes and sizes in the museum. These quintessentially Rajasthani hand-crafted puppet items are also available for sale at the museum at a nominal price.

Another attraction is the wedding section depicting different stages of an Indian wedding in the form of dolls or puppets. It gives an entertaining and informative insight into the various rituals and customs followed in a traditional Indian wedding. And indeed, wherever you happen to hail from, you will find some of the best places for wedding in Udaipur to celebrate the most special event of your life that is marriage.

The Turban section on the ground floor of the Haveli showcases how different people in the region wear their turbans which is an integral part of their culture. The basement of the museum also displays a collection of skillful art work. The weapons section showcases various weapons used by the kings and their armies during battle.

 Dharohar Dance Show

A prime attraction of Bagore ki Haveli is the Dharohar Dance Show. It takes place in the evenings at the beautifully lit up balconies of Neem Chowk. It is a colourful and vibrant show which includes mesmerising performances of traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance like the ‘katputli dance’, ‘bhavai’ and ‘ghoomar’.

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