The Wait is FINALLY Over!

Chandigarh finally gets a Spa & Restaurant it deserves!

After months of waiting, the amazing Baluchi and tantalizing Rejuve – The Spa makes a grand entrance at The Lalit Chandigarh.

Baluchi brings the taste of India to you. You no longer have to travel north, south, east or west of the country to try out the appetizing specialties that represent the varied tastes our great country has to offer.  You can have all the authentic cuisines right here in Chandigarh.

And, how can we not mention the Naanery? Our innovation, our creation, a statement in itself. The traditional iron tandoor that brings out the fresh flavours of breads like no other tandoor.

Baluchi represents the entire rainbow of Indian flavors. Thus, even our welcome drink comes with a desi twist. It is time indulge you with our special Somras. Don’t forget to sip on it as you are seated at your table.

And, if this remarkable combination of food and drinks overlooks a serene and spectacular view of a thick bed of green forest? Surely, it is heaven!

If all this eating leaves you exhausted, then Rejuve – The Spa is here to revitalize your senses. Those relaxing massages and tantalizing therapies, nothing soothes a tired body like Rejuve.

So Chandigarh, it is time to get up, and head to us because this combination of food and therapies will satiate you.

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