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When away from home, one misses the small things the most. Music you hear in the shower everyday, the nibbles you sneak in between meals, the chair you lounge on with a book. At the Lalit Delhi, I found home in small things that I usually don’t get in a hotel experience.

  • The hand sanitizer

The hotel has hand sanitizers placed at the reception, bathrooms, concierge desk, front door desk, spa, gym, and restaurants. Living in India, a pocket size hand sanitizer is always smart to have around in every Lalit hotel room, you will find a fresh bottle of one. A place that takes an extra step to maintain cleanliness always gets bonus points in my book!

  • The iPod dock station
Having music on the go is almost a necessity today. Everyone has their favourite tunes on the mp3 players or mobile phones. But only at a home environment can you play music out loud? Not true. At Lalit, most rooms (if yours doesn’t, you can just call the front desk and ask for one to be put in) have an iPod dock station (with alarm clock and radio) conveniently placed right next to the bed to plug your music into after a hectic day of travelling or even if you want something to lull you to sleep.
  • Tea with a side order of biscotti

The evening tea experience is especially memorable while staying at The LaLit. Meet up with colleagues or friends at the 24/7 restaurant over some hot lemon tea. The staff is very welcoming and will offer you food from a wide range of cuisines available 24 hours at the restaurant and bar. The Lemon tea comes with a side order of chocolate chip biscotti that are too delicious to be just a side order.

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