Experience the Unique Culture of India at Khajuraho

If you are a lover of art, culture and architectural heritage, India is the ultimate go-to-destination. There are many places to visit in Madhya Pradesh that can satiate the traveller’s thirst for some soul-stirring exploration. One such extraordinary experience is the famed UNESCO World Heritage Site in India, Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. The sights that will accompany you are of the beautiful temple complexes dating back to 950 AD that are adorned with Nagara style of architecture. That’s not all, the temples here are replete with erotic sculptures.

The Western Group of Temples

Khajuraho’s Western Group has a fascinating collection of temples, in fact, it is regarded as the best. One of the most impressive and refined temples in Khajuraho is the Kandariya Mahadeo Temple that displays over 800 sculptures intricately carved from yellow sandstone. Dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva, it is the most impressive temple structure as compared to the rest. Inside the sanctum, you can find a Shiva Linga made of marble surrounded by around 646 statues making it look spellbinding.

The Lakshmana Temple is the oldest and largest in the Western Group of Temples. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it simply spells magnificence. The artworks of the temple will simply elevate your senses with its beautiful work. Inside the shrine, you can witness a beautiful female bracket figure and a high carved ceiling at the entrance porch of the temple.

The Matangeshwar Temple is unique in its own way. Its eight-foot Shiva Linga made of yellow sandstone is the highest lingam in the entire North India. The best time of the day to visit is during the morning and evening aarti.

The Eastern Group of Temples

Slightly smaller as compared to Khajuraho’s Western Group, the eastern side too has a mishmash of beautifully adorned temples and they are Parsvanath Temple, Brahma Temple, Ghantai Temple, Hanuman Temple and Vamana Temple. Adorned with delicate carvings of Yakshis, the Adinath Temple is a small and charming temple dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar, Adinath, who was also the founder of Jainism.

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A good way to round up your tryst with the quintessentially Indian art and culture is to visit the Archaeological Museum in Khajuraho. Originally built by W.A. Jardine in the year 1910, the museum has been renovated recently. It is located in the north of Western Group of Temples. Inside, you can witness a collection of rare antiquities, including sculptures and architectural ruins. Also, you can find a few information panels that narrate the history of Chandela dynasty.

As the sun sets, all the artsy work in different temple complexes light up with technicolour floodlights. Make sure to attend the sound and light show near the Western Group of Temples. The Indian classical music and narration of the story of the past through their folk dances and musical acts is magical.

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