Experience the grandeur of Srinagar with The LaLiT Grand Palace

Fascinating mountains encircling you, surroundings full of flowers that are more colourful than a child’s imagination and lakes, as beautiful as a dream. That’s Srinagar, truly Paradise on Earth.

The heavenly vibes go hand in hand in complete harmony with the royal vibes at Srinagar. Being the abode of mighty Himalayas, the crown of India, the royal air comes naturally to the city. Another mark of royalty, amidst the beautiful valleys of Srinagar, stands The LaLiT Grand Palace.


The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar


Designed and built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1910, The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar is the former palace residence of the Maharajas and is painstakingly restored. You can still feel royalty in the palatial set up of the luxury hotel.

Indulge in the very feel of the city with Kashmir’s symbolic Chinar trees while sipping some hot Kahwa in the well groomed The Chinar Garden. You can also choose to treat yourself to the finest malts, wines and liqueurs from round the world at Dal Bar along with the captivating view of Dal Lake. You can find Kashmir in every bit of the palace. Known for serving with limitless hospitality, the hotel effortlessly complements the limitless beauty of Srinagar.

Srinagar is a painting. The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar invites you to get captivated by some of the best strokes of Nature.

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