Evoke The Reader In You: Visit These Amazing Bookstores In Kolkata

A solo-trip to Kolkata is perfect for a person who relishes art, isolation, and books more than clubs or bars. Well, all thanks to its still-intact colonial architecture and startling landmarks, the city can evoke a certain kind of nostalgia in you.

Don’t be surprised if you get a nerve to visit a nearby bookshop or café and leaf through the pages of Tagore’s or Chattopadhyay’s novel. After all, the place has such an astounding literary vibe. Not only has it been a home to the most celebrated writers in our country, but also houses some of the best publishing firms and book-stores.

So, if the reader in you is already inspired to sit down, relax and spend some ‘me-time’ reading; here are some places in Kolkata that are perfect for you to channel your reading habit.

Seagull books

Seagull books

If topics like art, cinema, theatre, and philosophy genuinely pique your interest then Seagull books is a place to visit. Established in 1982, this bookstore will offer you a carefully curated list of all possible non-fiction reads. What’s more? It is a warmly lit place and have some quiet spots where you can sit down and read to your heart’s delight. Not just that! The bookstore often organises music performances, literary events and book readings from time to time. Believe us, the kind of relaxing experience you will have at this place comes a close second to your time at the best spa in KolkataThe Rejuve at The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata.

Dasgupta and Co

This book-shop happens to be a part of Kolkata’s famed college street. For a keen reader, Dasgupta and Co is a celebration of books. If you are lucky, you might also stumble upon some of the rare finds and first-edition prints in this market. Offering both fiction and non-fiction, this modest bookstore hoards an impressive collection. And guess what? It has been here since the 19th century! Another good thing is you might also get your hands on traditional Bengali literature and regional literature at this place.

Chakraborty and Chatterjee

This one is yet another college street gem! Established in 1910, this unique bookstore has been able to retain its relevance even in the era of E-books and Kindle. The reason behind such popularity is its rare prints and editions. Housing all forms of literature, especially the regional ones, the bookstore offers something unique to its buyers. Trust us when we say that it is some sort of a pilgrimage for book lovers!

Earthcare books 

The existence of this little bookstore in Kolkata shows that the Kolkatites care about environment and sustainable development as much as art and literature. Having a huge collection of books on environmental issues, this bookstore has been doing its bit (rather more than that) in contributing to the environment. The walls to this cozy bookshop are adorned with pictures of organic farming, forest regeneration, and plastic re-use, which is a unique departure from the otherwise conventional setting of most bookshops. Visiting this gorgeous bookshop can be an energising and inspiring experience for anyone.

In the end, we wish to convey that besides booking the best 5-star hotel in Kolkata and enjoying its amazing amenities; do have a stroll around the city to explore its splendid bookshops.

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