Choose Your Own Spa Adventure At Rejuve, The LaLiT, Bangalore

The fast-paced lives we lead seldom leave us with the time to relax. When the going gets tough or if you’re in the mood to simply rejuvenate, have we ever looked beyond a luxurious spa treatment to get it right? We all wish to drain away the negativity and breathe positive energy into every cell in our body, so that we can sail through every turbulence and emerge as winners at life.

Rejuve The Spa at The LaLiT, one of the finest luxury hotels in MG Road Bangalore, brings you closer to achieving the much-needed peace of mind, body and soul. De-stressing with the old-school, yet very effective Ayurvedic treatments, time spent at Rejuve reinvigorates all your senses. Its holistic approach encompasses elements of aroma, Ayurveda, natural therapies, colour healing and yoga to detoxify yourself from your innermost negativity and rediscovering a happier you.

We pride ourselves in providing the most indulgent spa treatments in the country, combining the traditional with modernity to give you the experience of blissful tranquility you deserve. The ways to indulge in a little TLC are many; here are some of the spa specials at Rejuve you can choose from:


A classic aroma experience

The sense of smell plays an exceptional role in determining our moods. Aromatherapy at Rejuve is all about healing the big three – mind, body and soul, with calming essential oils and unique herbs. Healing colours and crystals are incorporated into the session to balance and energy centers at all levels – physical, spiritual and emotional.

A rose like no other

Centered on the queen of flowers, a sensual experience scented with rose can be the perfect outing with your beloved! Starting with a sensuous aroma shower, spoil yourselves with a fragrant Rose Scrub Treatment, a relaxing Balinese Massage to loosen the muscles and rid your face of the city pollution with a Deep Cleansing Luxury Facial.

Liven up with Mandarin

A long day of travelling, sight-seeing or work may exhaust your body; a little citrus is what you need to freshen up! Vibrant Carnelian crystal helps your body release all that pent up stress and fatigue and breathes a fresh life into every cell of your body. Starting with an Orange Refreshing Aroma Shower, you move to an intensive Tamarind and Cane Sugar Scrub, along with a Tissue Massage Pick Me Up facial. The skin pampering treatment reaches out to the deepest of pores to clean out any grime, making you feel lighter and livelier than before.

Pamper your body with Lavendar

Tense muscles cannot stay tense anymore with this Lavender-based spa session. Focusing on renewing each and every part of your body, feel the tension leave your body as expert hands move deftly, soothingly massaging all your worries away. A sweet coconut scrub makes your skin beautifully supple. Let your hair down for an elaborate hair spa to give it the care it truly deserves.

Experiences at the Rejuve are aplenty, all customised to ensure that at the session, you feel invigorated and be the best version of yourself. Come to Bangalore, and reside with us, and live an experience that is more than a hotel booking in Bangalore.

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