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Travel to the Tune of June with The LaLiT’s Exclusive Offers

Cancel your meetings. Postpone those dinners. Bring out the suitcases. Because there will not be a better time to enjoy the bespoke hospitality of The LaLiT hotels, Palaces and resorts at your favourite destination. As the month of June rumbles on, clouds of rain and wanderlust have begun gathering above the Indian mainland. If you […]

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Experience #LondonWithTheLaLiT

Travelling to and exploring a new city is undoubtedly one of life’s finest experiences. Especially when doing it on foot, you get a chance to immerse yourself in local culture and soak in the city’s vibe all at your own pace. Not only do you choose your own path, you also make your own stops […]

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Staycation Ideas for Summer

5 Staycation Ideas for Summer

Don’t have enough time on your hands to plan a long vacation to an exotic location? You don’t necessarily have to travel the world to have a relaxing vacation this summer, you’ll find plenty to do right where you live. Besides, big vacations require quite a lot of planning in terms of numerous travel and […]

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