Maidan – The Place to be at in Kolkata

“The tiger-haunted jungle which cut off the village of Chowringhee from the river was cleared, and gave way to the wide grassy stretch of the Maidan of which Calcutta is so proud.” – Calcutta Old and New, H E A Cotton Veiling over 1000 acres of land with lush green surroundings, Maidan is amongst the […]

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Unravel the Cultural Side of Kolkata

Kolkata is undoubtedly one of India’s most important cultural hubs. From being a pioneer in art and craft to spearheading music, dance and literature in the country, Kolkata has always been a front-runner. As a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultural influences, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this city the birthplace of modern […]

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the lalit kolkata

The 4 Musts of Kolkata

Kolkata boasts an illustrious past which is reflected in its unique culture, fascinating sites, splendid architecture and incredible cuisine. Also known as the cultural hub of India, this vibrant city still carries its traditional values and stands true to its name, ‘The City of Joy’. It offers the greatest journey to the senses with its […]

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Explore the Store of Gastronomical delights in Kolkata

Celebrated as a gourmand’s delight, Kolkata is home to one of the richest culinary traditions. Owing to its savoury seafood, appetising meat, traditional Bengali desserts, and several other ingenious recipes, Kolkata has become the most sought after food destination in the country. So whether you are backpacking or spending your holidays in one of the […]

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City of Joy

4 Things That Make Kolkata the City of Joy

The beautiful city of Kolkata is unlike any other city in the world. The charm of its strong colonial past, cobbled streets and stunning architecture is truly unmatched. The culture is rich, the people are simple, the food is delicious and the city has a soul that speaks. Here are the 4 top things you […]

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The Best Libraries to Visit in Kolkata

Reading is to the soul what rain is to the parched soil – it reinvigorates the mind and gives a new lease of life. An escape from the daily chaos of life is an essential need, one that is aptly fulfilled by two activities: travel and reading. And if, on your travels, you happen to […]

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