Enjoy a Relaxing Staycation At The LaLiT Resort and Spa Bekal

The LaLiT Resort and Spa Bekal is undoubtedly one of the most serene holiday destinations in the country. It is spread across a stunning 26-acre property with an internal lagoon overlooking a scenic white beach, lush greens, and River Nombili surrounding it. Experience the best of luxury stay at The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal. […]

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visit London this Summer

Let The Wanderlust Take Over On Your Next Trip To London

Home to the likes of Big Ben, bright red double decker buses and iconic phone booths, London is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Its modern, contemporary, world-class vibe is matched with a subtle old-world charm characteristic of Europe. Read on to find out how to let wanderlust take over […]

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The LaLiT New Delhi

Mental Healthcare from an LGBTQI+ Perspective

Mental health affects everyone, no matter one’s age, gender, class or sexuality. It has taken years of struggle for our society to understand and acknowledge the importance of mental health and treat it in line with physical wellbeing. But when it comes to the LGBTQI+ community, stigmas are abundant and our understanding limited. Delving into […]

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exclusive offer

Travel to the Tune of June with The LaLiT’s Exclusive Offers

Cancel your meetings. Postpone those dinners. Bring out the suitcases. Because there will not be a better time to enjoy the bespoke hospitality of The LaLiT hotels, Palaces and resorts at your favourite destination. As the month of June rumbles on, clouds of rain and wanderlust have begun gathering above the Indian mainland. If you […]

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