The Wildlife Excursions in Chandigarh

Serving as the capital of two prominent northern states of India, namely Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. Celebrated as the “green city and a mecca for architecture lovers”, Chandigarh was designed by Swiss- French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier. He designed the master plan […]

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Dal Lake

Dal Lake – Giving Srinagar Its Stature

With the Great Himalayan Range on one side and the majestic Pir Panjal mountain range on the other, Kashmir valley is rightfully known as the ‘paradise on Earth’. Whether it’s the gushing sound of the waters that synchronises with your heart or the unique culture of the valley that keeps you intrigued, Kashmir has its […]

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The Life of a Foodie in Udaipur

Owing to the abundant eateries and elegant restaurants that dot the majestic landscape, it would be precise to assume that the residents of Udaipur take the art of fine dining rather seriously. Being home to the best traditional restaurants and nouveau eateries offering a fusion of both the old and the new, Udaipur is every […]

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Unravel the Cultural Side of Kolkata

Kolkata is undoubtedly one of India’s most important cultural hubs. From being a pioneer in art and craft to spearheading music, dance and literature in the country, Kolkata has always been a front-runner. As a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultural influences, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this city the birthplace of modern […]

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Explore Delhi’s Illustrious Past With The LaLiT

One of the largest cities in the world today, Delhi is a futuristic cosmopolis with a rich and distinctive history of its own. Several prehistoric sites dating back to the ancient times have been found in different corners of the city. It was in the 12th century when the Delhi Sultanate set up its base […]

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visit London this Summer

Make a Pass at London

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, which are known for a rich and long history, pageantry and tradition. But this capital city does not believe in hanging on to its past. It proffers an exhilarating blend of tradition and modernity, ushering innovation as well as preserving relics of the past. Today, […]

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Why Winters in Mumbai Mean Paradise

We usually don’t think twice when it comes to deciding where to go for vacation in summers. Because the one and simple answer is, head to the hills. But in winters, what could be the best place to go unwind? To get away from the harsh winters and frost bites and truly enjoy rambling outdoors […]

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A Gastronomist’s Guide to Bangalore

Have you heard about the legend that etymologists swear by when questioned about the origin of the name ‘Bengaluru’? In 1200s, there lived a Hoysala king named Veer Ballala II. One day, while hunting, he lost his way in a forest until he had a chance encounter with a poor old woman who offered the […]

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