Experience #LondonWithTheLaLiT

Travelling to and exploring a new city is undoubtedly one of life’s finest experiences. Especially when doing it on foot, you get a chance to immerse yourself in local culture and soak in the city’s vibe all at your own pace. Not only do you choose your own path, you also make your own stops […]

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visit London this Summer

5 reasons to visit London in the summer

London is one of the few cities in the world that enjoys the advantage of being tourist-friendly all year round. But its charm in the summertime is truly unmatched. With longer days, buzzing streets, blooming parks, pleasant weather and a much-needed break from the tropical sun, there’s so much to do and see in London […]

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The Best Libraries to Visit in Kolkata

Reading is to the soul what rain is to the parched soil – it reinvigorates the mind and gives a new lease of life. An escape from the daily chaos of life is an essential need, one that is aptly fulfilled by two activities: travel and reading. And if, on your travels, you happen to […]

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Staycation Ideas for Summer

5 Staycation Ideas for Summer

Don’t have enough time on your hands to plan a long vacation to an exotic location? You don’t necessarily have to travel the world to have a relaxing vacation this summer, you’ll find plenty to do right where you live. Besides, big vacations require quite a lot of planning in terms of numerous travel and […]

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Must-Attend Music Festivals in London in May

Throughout time, the United Kingdom has fashioned artists that have basically defined the culture of the musical vocation among others. London, for that matter, has been particularly gifted to be home to names like Pink Floyd, Coldplay, The Who, Amy Winehouse, Dire Straits, David Bowie and others. Let’s give you not one but two reasons […]

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Travelling during Ramadan? Here’s what you can do

Ramadan, considered as the season of divine blessing, is a one-month long Islamic festival. It is reckoned that the month of Ramadan is a month of absolute treasury, not only for Muslims but for people of all religions. When it comes to building a connection with God and your inner-self and getting rid of spiritual debts, sins […]

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The Best Libraries to Visit in London

For bibliophiles, libraries fill a space in both their heads and hearts. Libraries are a great place to discover, contemplate and create and London is blessed with more than a few spectacular libraries. The UK is well known for its excellent research standards and it doesn’t come as a surprise that supporting this intellectual prowess […]

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Unbeatable Summer Experiences at The LaLiT

Every summer has as special story to be experienced. It begins with the warm and bright yellow hue of the sun that blends beautifully with contrast of some trekking hotspots, boating escapes, refreshing beaches and healthy sojourns. With The LaLiT, you can weave it around six unique breakaway destinations ideal for adventure, rejuvenation or a […]

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