An ultimate guide to Khajuraho Dance Festival

A grand spectacle of Indian art and culture, Khajuraho dance festival celebrates traditional dance forms from all across the Indian subcontinent in a marvellous fashion, together with music and several other art forms. Mesmerising as it may seem, one can’t get enough of this distinguished dance festival. With February reaching its prime, the art lovers from all over the world are excited to become a part of Khajuraho Dance Festival 2019 (45th edition) which is going to happen from 20th -26th February 2019.

Historical prominence

Khajuraho Dance Festival happens every year in the month of February and is organised by Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad. Celebrating the brilliance of performing arts and rejoicing in the verve of life through the colourful integration of art and culture in the backdrop of the magnificent Khajuraho group of temples, Khajuraho Dance Festival first happened in the year 1975. Since then, every year we observe this grand celebration of dance, one of the most articulate art forms of all, in the ancient city of Khajuraho.

What does this grand fiesta encapsulate?

From art awards to exhibitions, indigenous art displays to dialogues on arts and culture, cinematic tributes to art conclaves, Khajuraho Dance Festival is more than just a festival. The traditional Indian dance forms including Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, etc. however, remain the main charm of the festival and leave the audience enthralled. Propagating the idea of divinity in the art forms, especially dance, whereby human expressions co-ordinate in a spiritual fashion to give birth to the godlike beauty. Moreover, the festival takes place in the backdrop of ancient temples of Khajuraho. Leaving audience spellbound, the beauty of ancient architecture and traditional art forms, go hand-in-hand, in perfect harmony.

Why you must pay a visit to the Khajuraho Dance Festival?

Whether you want to experience the alluring dance forms from all across the nation along with the music that has the ability to melt your hearts, or you want to witness the grandeur of Khajuraho group of temples in all its might, you must pay a visit to Khajuraho Dance Festival. We are sure that the art-lover inside of you won’t be disappointed. Also, if you believe that the intricate understanding of life is possible through art, you are most welcome to celebrate, introspect and feel sublime.

This week-long festival is also perfect for people who want to spend their week amidst the celebrations of life through art while winter prepares to leave, hence, making it a perfect time to relish, enjoy and welcome spring — the king of all seasons. Moreover, if you are interested in Hindu mythology where dance and music are considered as the poignant ways to live, you would definitely love to attend the Khajuraho Dance Festival.

So keep your excitement levels high as you get ready for the Khajuraho Dance Festival tour this February and witness the grand opulence of Indian art and culture which inspires, impacts, and instigates your spirituality in its own unique way, only to leave you livelier, heartening, and inspired than ever.

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