A shade of Pink – Keshav Suri

In light of the recent hearing at the Supreme Court against the law criminalising consensual sex amongst the same sex, it seems as if the LGBTQI community is in it for the long haul. They deserve all assistance they can muster to defeat an archaic law that looms over their freedom.

The Executive Director of The LaLiT Group of Hotels, Keshav Suri is on the frontier of such revolutions that urge the society to look beyond restrictive beliefs and let ‘the different’ have their liberty. Mister Suri, has time and again, denied accepting incorrect impositions on the LGBTQI. He is one of the petitioners to challenge the section 377.

He affirms that pride parades have decorated the streets of the Indian capital for a decade and he shall keep supporting it. Suri firmly believes that India should shift from conservatism and he has set an example by marrying his French partner after a decade long love affair.

Keshav is no stranger to the retribution of being a part of the LGBTQI community but he firmly states that his stature made it easier for him.  It is only logical that he believes that someone who works in his hotel might not have had this privilege, but he is working to bridge the gap. The community has always been accepted at The LaLiT hotels and not only in terms of employment but other initiatives that inform the members of the community about pertaining issues.

The group has announced medical benefits for sex couples, children born through surrogacy and single parents. We have members from the community working in our hotels enjoying the same stature as their colleagues. Drag queens’ nights hosted by the likes of Rani Ko-HE-Nur, Maya-the Drag Queen, Kushboo and Betta Naan Stoare are common events at Kittu Su at The LaLiT New Delhi. While it is all about rights, the seminars regard the topic from the perspective of mental health. The ones to attend gain insight on the hazards of coming out, how to overcome these issues and most importantly, the need to come out from a mental perspective.

Keshav Suri is open about his life and hopes for a day when the society sees an individual as someone with a choice of a partner and to indulge in the relationship as he/she pleases. He now stands as the roaring leader with up to 3500 employees standing shoulder to shoulder to fight for a cause that will, if not today, surely be a matter of pride for every person in the LGBTQI community and beyond!

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