The LaLiT Mangar

A Night at The LaLiT Mangar in Faridabad

What can you expect from one night in the splendid refuge of the 670-million years old Aravallis? Magic, of course! The LaLiT Mangar, one of the most eclectic five star hotels in Faridabad, has a propensity to charm you with its otherworldly experiences and a very well-designed bucolic setting.

Situated in Mangar Bani, a sacred forest area in one of the oldest plateau ranges in the world, The LaLiT Mangar serves as a springboard for great touristy and adventure activities in the day. There’s the short yet lively trek to the serene Mangar Lake in the middle of the jungle. Then there’s the opportunity to explore the beautiful jewellery showpieces from Indian villages and tribals at the Village Jewel Museum nearby. For adrenaline junkies, a day at The LaLiT Mangar also presents the chance to indulge in outdoor activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, zip lining, zorbing, ATV, obstacle courses, etc.

But it is during the night that brings to life one of the most fabulous staycation experiences in the country.

The Time Reversal spa

After an exhausting day outdoors, to be greeted with village-style refreshing tea preparations at The LaLiT Mangar before the sky begins to lose its brightness really sets the tone for the night to follow. Thereafter, all roads lead only to one destination – the Time Reversal spa at the premises. One session of wonderfully devised spa therapies is all you need to wring out your tiredness and pamper you to no end. What better way to start the night?

Palatial walls born of the earth

As you step outside feeling refreshed, you will realise that the unique rammed earth architecture of The LaLiT Mangar takes on an otherworldly glow. Basking in the soft illumination of lanterns and bespoke lighting, the chalk and gravel layers of the hotel walls create an ambience of ultimate tranquillity. This heady mix of contemporary and rural design, coupled with the crisp Aravalli evening air and the sound of silence truly uplifts one’s soul like never before.

Of music and musings

And then the night breaks and so does the silence, with mesmerising Rajasthani folk dance and music performances at The LaLiT Mangar providing you a stellar glimpse into the local culture. This is where you can choose to sit back and unwind as the music and dance continue, or join in the revelry and turn your stay into one big celebration.

A star-studded ceiling

As the night darkens, you only need to lift your gaze to the stars and relish the clearest of night skies which seldom appear above a city like Delhi. Thereafter, when the pull of the special telescope installed at The LaLiT Mangar becomes too strong to resist, do not miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some exciting star-gazing. Who knows…you might well spot a lucky shooting star?

Feast for kings

At The LaLiT Mangar’s multi-cuisine buffet dining room with an interactive open live kitchen, the dinner’s never anything short of spectacular! For a more open air dining experience and timeless hospitality, you can choose to fine dine at the lavish Alfresco – always counted amongst good restaurants in Faridabad. Complementing the earthy theme of the hotel, all the ingredients used are organic and locally farm grown. Bon appetite!

Imagine spending such a night at The LaLiT Mangar with the promise of a new day full of adventures. It’s quite possible that you might never want to leave!

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