A Clean Bill of Health for the LGBTQI

Equality and diversity have forever driven the policies at The LaLiT; we are not the ones to differentiate. Human resources have always been revered for working day and night to serve the public; our initiatives are substantiated with the aim to induct the LGBTQI community as an integral part of the hospitality sector.

These individuals have had it hard and deserve equal benefits, if not more. This Global Pride Month seemed just the right time to present the community with the Group Mediclaim Policy to same sex couples, single parents and surrogate children working at all of our 13 hotels.

Instead of touting the indifference towards the LGBTQI community as sad and ignorant, Keshav Suri, Executive Director of the Group sees this as a first to provide the community only with what’s right and just. It is no secret that employees and their immediate families have been privy to benefits in accordance with the pertaining laws. It is, we believe, time that those shunned for no fault to their own to not only be offered what is rightfully theirs but be included in the society as our own.

Beginning from the initiatives such as CU Next Thursday, a dedicated night for the LGBTQI community at the Kitty Su club, this is a step to support individuals who find it otherwise hard to withstand the snubs of the society. We are gratified to be the first group of hotels only few after the Royal Bank in Scotland and L’Oréal India to extend Mediclaim benefits (in association with ICICI Lombard) to our LGBTQI employees.

Back in January, the group had invited transgender chef Chris Trapani from Austin, Texas to spread the message across 5 cities in India that it is achievement and passion that makes an individual worthy, irrespective of their gender or orientation. The team at The LaLiT believes it is the ‘Equality & Diversity’ policy that is the guide to our impeccable service in the industry, which in turn, helps to cater to customers and clients from all walks of life.

With Keshav Suri leading a parade of free individuals to the path of equality, The LaLiT strives to remove the conservative from the Indian image and let it recognise the individuals for who they are, instead of what society expects from them.

On the occasion, mister Suri said that everyone must be fall under equality, no matter what their caste, orientation or colour. Restrictions affect the mental health more than anything else and that is something he strives to work towards, starting with the employees of the group. So be it!

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