5 Things you ought to know about The LaLiT – Mumbai

In these series of ‘5 things you ought to know...’ we want to share hidden gems which you should not miss out on during you next stay at The LaLiT hotels!

Five things you might not have known about The LaLiT, Mumbai:

1. High tech rooms – 

The LaLiT Mumbai boasts of 22 elegantly appointed rooms with the added luxury and convenience of the “One Touch” panel. The panel is a bedside gizmo that allows guests to control everything from the intensity of various light sources and the closing and opening of curtain drapes, to temperature settings and summoning house keeping services. Check the availability of one of these rooms the next time you’re looking to check-in.


2. Room service street food menu –

Mumbai is famous, among many other things, for its lip-smacking street-food and no trip to the city is complete without a sampling of the local fare! But if you have no time to spare to venture out, the menu for in-room dining at The Lalit includes a selection of street-food like pao bhaji, bhelpuri, sevpuri, vada pao etc., so you don’t have to be left out of that experience!


3.The Waterbed Spa Treatment at the Rejuve Spa – 

The LaLiT hotel’s Rejuve Spa makes use of the therapeutic benefits of using waterbeds in its signature massages. Natural floatation principles of a waterbed cause the effects of weightlessness, and for the bed to conform to each individual’s unique shape. These qualities allow complete elimination of pressure on key joints and muscles allowing you to relax fully. Combined with heat, this effect is maximized as blood pressure is lowered, and circulation improved, allowing stiff sore muscles and joints to be soothed and rejuvenated effortlessly.


4. The Executive Lounge Meeting Rooms –

Guests staying on the Club Floors of the hotel have a 2-hour complimentary access to the two Executive Lounge Meeting Rooms. These rooms are on the Club Floor and can accommodate 6 to 8 people and are open 6 am till 11.30pm. On your next stay at the hotel, hold your business meeting in the privacy and comfort of your hotel floor!


5. ‘Ashwameda Turang’ by artist extraordinaire Satish Gujral –

The huge atrium of the central lobby has an installation called the Ashwameda Turang, made by one of India’s legendary artists Padma Vibhushan Shri Satish Gurjral. This bronze artwork depicts the mythical horse from the royal rituals of the Vedas. The grand LaLiT Mumbai lobby is a marvel on its own, and this unique artwork highlights the attention to detail and importance to art invested by the founder. 

The LaLiT, Sahar Airport Road  Mumbai, MH 400059

022 6699 2222

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