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4 Imaginative Reasons That Will Convince You to Sneak Out On a 5-Star Vacation

The anonymous quote ‘No reason to stay is a good reason to go’ is often bandied about when one is pondering a quick getaway. But is that reason enough?

Of course, we all have our boring reasons to stay where we are right now – job, family life, routine, time (or the lack of it!)… But when wanderlust comes calling, you better be prepared to respond positively and imaginatively. Taking a break from one’s life every now and then, and pampering one’s senses and the soul always ends up to be a great decision.

So, while you are sitting out there reading this blog, why not book your tickets and pack your bags right away for a 5-star vacation? Oh, alright. You really need your exclusive reason, don’t you? Read on, then:

1. You have forgotten the sound of the sea

Trust us, it happens. Being constantly drowned in the drone-like hum of workspaces and the headache–inducing noise at traffic signals becomes your stark reality. Imagine your next week at The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa, one of the finest 5 star hotels in India, then – where all the above-mentioned sounds are rather pleasingly replaced with the hypnotic crashing of the waves on the beach shore. And who wouldn’t love getting used to the sound of beer glasses clinking at the Corta’s beach shack, the whoosh of the golf club at Goa Golf Greens, the tranquil silence at Rejuve the Spa, and the splash at the free-form outdoor pool?

2. Your doctor has recommended the greatest massage in the world

Well, there’s no better doctor for your wanderlust than you – so this is a very valid reason, we say. And to break you out of your monotony, any massage would be the greatest in the world, right? To be fair, The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal does have truly spectacular massages and other Ayurvedic therapies to wring all your worries out. Finding yourself at a wellness and holistic living resort in amidst 20000 sq ft of landscaped herbal gardens in Kerala is definitely worth giving a thousand reasons for.

3. You’re convinced you were a royal in your previous life

Who isn’t? Years of being fed with marvellous Bollywood tales and children’s stories of kings, queens and grand palaces, everyone wishes they were king – even if for a day! We say that’s reason enough to book your stay at one of the best luxury hotels in India – The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur. A hilltop palatial property overlooking the grand Fateh Sagar Lake in the fabled city of royals, The LaLiT Vilas Palace Udaipur will welcome you like royalty with dance and ‘nagada’, while you will get to roam around on horseback, experience splendour in lavish suites which once accommodated kings and queens.

4. You’ve received ‘that’ call from the mountains

And you must go, as the popular saying goes. Well, it’s not like the splendid valleys, Dal Lake and vistas of Srinagar need any special reason to pay a visit. But then, there’s always the irresistible charm of The LaLiT Grand Palace Srinagar which played home to Maharaja Pratap Singh and subsequent successors since 1910. Only if you could convince yourself, you will find yourself having a tea by the famous Chinar tree, enjoying a dip in an all-weather pool, and finding yourself revitalised in the heavenly air of Kashmir.

Are you not excited now? Great, so let’s get packing!

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