3 Ways how free Wi-Fi will enrich The Lalit Experience for guests

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group recently announced the availability of free Wi-Fi connectivity for the in-house guests. The group has made a remarkable name in the hospitality industry with its top notch services. Access to the Wi-Fi connection would add to the seamless experience a guest gets at The Lalit. Following are 3 ways free wi-fi will enrich The Lalit experience for guests.

Free Wi-Fi at The Lalit
Free Wi-Fi at The Lalit


  • Don’t lose the connection

There are a number of devices and social media platforms today that enable one to stay connected to the rest of the world.  A convenient internet connection lets you share photos, check your mails and send updates on your whereabouts from anywhere on the property.

  • All trips are productive trips

Be it a leisure trip or a business trip, you can utilize each moment if you have a good internet connection. You might be waiting for your cab to pick you up or for your travel partner to get ready, the internet access allows you to be productive all the time & ditch boredom.

  • Avoid roaming charges and weak networks

Travellers often need to pay extra roaming charges for the internet data they use on their mobile devices. There are also complains about poor network signals because of the change of location. The internet access rules out both the issues.

In this digital age, the free Wi-Fi facility allows the guests to extract information in real-time. The Lalit Hotels, Palaces and Resorts aim to provide instant and relevant services and create memorable experiences. The internet connection makes it more of a really personalized service for each guest.


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